Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Betrug - truffa

Un truffatore utilizza il nome dell'Abate Generale e un indirizzo, che NON È dell'Abate Generale!).
Ein Betrüger verwendet den Namen des Generalabtes und eine e-mail Adresse, die NICHT die des Generalabtes ist.

Tutto falso  --  alles erlogen:

Dear Prior Bruno
I send my fraternal greetings to you and to all the confreres in Germany. I am writing on behalf of Sr Francesca Navarro the Superior General of the Sisters of Charity of Ivrea. Sr Francesca has informed me that Sr Lisa Marie O’Kelly working with their Mission Hospital in Africa is currently stranded in Aachen, Germany where she is on a Mission to procure equipments for their New Mission hospital. At the moment the Sisters here do not have a quick safe means of sending to Sr Lisa marie the amount of money she urgently require to accomplish her mission of procuring the equipments.

Sr Francesca Navarro has given me Ninety Eight Thousand Euros (€98.000). I have the money in our bank account. I request you to give (loan) Sr Lisa Marie O’Kelly the 98.000,00€ which she require urgently if you have it available in your bank account and then you let me know which account I should send the money. Or if you don’t have it readily available I can transfer it to your bank account immediately.

You can cont Sr Francesca Navarro at or you can contact Sr Lisa marie O’Kelly at   or

Your assistance to the Sisters is highly appreciated,

Yours fraternally